Dan Pearce is an American born social influencer, author, blogger, artist, and photographer. He currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah living life as a single dad to his son Noah.

Pearce is widely known for his Facebook Page and Single Dad Laughing Blog, which had a following of more than 2 million people as of January 1st, 2018.

Before he was an author and social influencer, Dan Pearce was a professional animal artist and photographer, which he still does as a hobby and small side business.

Dan Pearce founded The Single Dad Laughing Health Club on Facebook, which now has nearly 10,000 members. Club members join together from all over the world to participate in health events and motivate each other to be more healthy.

Dan Pearce is sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette, depending on what fancies him. Currently he is blonde.

More Info & Current Happenings:

Dan Pearce Author of Single Dad Laughing with his son Noah

Single Dad Laughing:

Single Dad Laughing has been humming along since 2010. Dan Pearce has published more than 2,000 blog posts now, 500 unique web pages, several apps, a t-shirt shop, and a following of 2 million+ people (as of January 2018).

Total visits to Single Dad Laughing: 136,728,772
(last updated December 31, 2017)

Current Status: Dan Pearce recently finished sharing a chapter by chapter read-along of his last book, and has blogged off and on since, though most of his efforts have recently been in building his multi-contributor sites Slap Laughter and My Favorite Daily Things.

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Dan Pearce - SDLHC - Tough Mudder
The Single Dad Laughing Health Club


Dan Pearce founded The Single Dad Laughing Health Club in this blog post when he saw a need for a lot more non-judgmental online support as people try to get healthy. The group took on a life of its own and people meet-up from all over the world to do awesome stuff and achieve awesome things. Members must be approved and keep a strict set of positive and motivational guidelines to remain in the SDLHC.

Anyone is welcome in the closed group. Members are encouraged to take selfies and post them after every workout. The group has been called one giant cheerleading squad for anyone trying to get healthy.

Dan Pearce - SDLHC - Tough Mudder 2

Total members in the SDLHC: 9,591
(last updated January 01, 2017)

Current Status: The Health Club is run by a group of volunteer admins who keep it on course and free of spam and negativity. The next planned group event will be the Mesa Tough Mudder in April 2017.

Dan Pearce’s Involvement: Dan Pearce has now led teams ranging from 12 members to almost 70 members through four different Tough Mudder courses. Tough Mudders span 10-12 miles and are filled with around 25 military grade obstacles.

Side Note: In order to keep the SDLHC focused, a shoot-off group was formed called The SDLHC Healthy Recipe Exchange, where members of the SDLHC share their favorite healthy recipes or discuss food struggles or topics.

Total members in the Healthy Recipe Exchange: 3,108
(last updated January 01, 2017)

Dan Pearce

Amazon Book Reviews for Well-Fed:

Books by Dan Pearce:

Dan Pearce has authored and published two books and a few compilations. He is currently finishing the first edit on his first fiction novel, which he hopes to publish soon.

Well-Fed, Dan Pearce’s latest, is a memoir featuring a collection of narratives from his life, along with the valuable life lessons he learned from each. He self-published the book and it was very well-received by his readers.

Dan Pearce Book - All Important Well Fed Giant White Man

Pearce self-published his first book, The Real Dad Rules, in 2010. It is available in paperback, hard cover, and all major digital formats.

Wanting everyone to have access to it, Pearce shared the entire book for free with his readers, chapter by chapter, on his Single Dad Laughing blog.

Real Dad Rules - author Dan Pearce - front cover
Real Dad Rules - author Dan Pearce - back cover

The Body & Face Painting Journey of Dan Pearce:

Dan Pearce’s greatest new passion and hobby is body and face painting. He hopes to achieve the same level of expertise as, well, the experts. You can find his journey from the very first body painting on his body and face painting blog here.

Some of his stuff:

Dan Pearce Art Sample Hippo

Dan Pearce Art:

Before he was an author, Dan Pearce made his living as a young married man drawing portraits of peoples children or pets. This career grew to include many personal non-commissioned works which can be found on Dan Pearce’s Art website.

Preferred Mediums: Nowadays Pearce creates most art using an Apple Pencil and an iPad. If not working digitally, he enjoys graphite and charcoal work, colored graphite, and watercolor.

Current Status: Pearce now keeps his art as a side hobby or to occasionally create something for his t-shirt design business. He no longer accepts commissions for art. You can purchase prints of some of his art on , as well as order custom gifts on his art website.

Art Samples:

Dan Pearce - Hike Photography

Dan Pearce Photography:

Dan Pearce has been a lover of still photography since he picked up an old clunker SLR camera at a thrift store when he was 13. His favorite photograph things to shoot are scenics, night skies, wildlife, and candid human moments. His photography has been featured on local and national news websites and newspapers.

Current Status: Pearce now keeps photography as his side hobby, though prints of his favorite photographs are available through his photography website. He no longer accepts photography jobs.

Current Camera Setup:
Cameras: Canon 5D Mark III, Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 V
Lenses: Canon L-Series 100-400mm, L-Series 50mm, L-Series 24-105mm, Rokinon 14mm

Photography Samples:

Dan Pearce’s Adult Coloring Series:

Dan Pearce recently finished and published his first adult coloring book called “Just the Tip.” This coloring book features Pearce’s first collection of satirical and important, albeit not safe for work (NSFW), illustrations and adult activities (including many individually downloadable pages). Due to the nature of these images, none of them are shown on this website.

The DP Blog

The Dan Pearce Blog:

Not for the easily offended. The Dan Pearce Blog was launched by Dan Pearce on January 3rd, 2017 as an outlet to write and share the less reverent content that doesn’t mesh with his generally more positivity-filled Single Dad Laughing blog.

Total visits to The Dan Pearce Blog: 179,904
(last updated March 04, 2017)

Current Status: This blog has been rather neglected, but Dan hopes to start writing in it more regularly in 2018, as it is one of his favorite outlets.

The Dan Pearce Blog “Fan Favorites:”

Coming soon. Or not soon. Depends on how quickly people happen upon it.

My Favorite Daily Things:

My Favorite Daily Things is a multi-contributor website that Dan Pearce started on his own mid-2017. This is the site where he shares his daily meme batches called “My Favorite Things” as well as the website he now hosts his crowd-sourced posts.

Total Favorite Things Views: 28,419,431
(last updated December 31, 2017)

Current Status: This blog is going full steam.

My Favorite Daily Things “Fan Favorites:”

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SlapLaughter is a new multi-contributor website that Dan Pearce started with his friends Mike and Meryn Tobian in December of 2017. There are currently more than 20 contributors creating posts that are meant to mindlessly entertain those who need an awesome escape every day. SlapLaughter launched with gusto and fans have loved it so far.

Total Slap Laughter Page Views: 6,076,477
(last updated December 31, 2017)

Current Status: This blog is going full steam.

SlapLaughter “Fan Favorites:”

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