Custom Mandalas Hand-Drawn by Dan Pearce

I have fallen in love with drawing custom mandalas. But not just everyday pretty mandalas that you see just anywhere… I’ve worked to come up with my own unique style. And, as a way to make extra money, I’ve decided to start offering custom mandalas to anyone who wants to purchase one.

Each Mandala is hand-drawn by yours truly, using my iPad Apple Pencil. They all are very high-resolution and can be printed as large as you like. There are two types of mandalas you can get. You’re welcome to use the finished mandala however you like, personal or non-retail commercial use.

1) The first type is a customized mandala using your name or the name of someone you love. These make great birthday presents, tattoos, custom posters, etc.



No cheating on this one. Can you see the name “Jerilee?”

2) The second type is a customized mandala using different themed elements. These can include your favorite things, components from your favorite book, etc.

Example #1

Example #2

Each mandala will be delivered in high-resolution .JPG or .PNG format, along with an .MP4 video showing the process start to finish (if you so desire).

These mandalas are very time-consuming, so please do not try to negotiate price. I’m doing these because I love doing these. No other reason. Each mandala takes at minimum several hours, most take a full day of work.

Even cooler… Every mandala takes on a life of it’s own. No two mandalas are ever the same. What you get is what you get, and it will be awesome. Due to demand, current wait is 1-3 weeks.


Custom Mandala made from a “Name.” The more letters, the more complicated.
3-5 letters in the name: $275
6-9 letters in the name: $385
10-12 letters in the name: $490
I wouldn’t recommend anything longer than that.

Custom Mandala made to a theme or randomness.
Standard: $400
Highly Customized: message me for a quote.



Or scan the following QR code:


Or scan the following QR code:

Like I said, use it for any non-retail purpose. I just don’t want to see them on products for sale.

I also reserve the right to use them for my own purposes, and to share them on my websites or social channels including in marketing campaigns for other similar art ventures.

Thanks, and have an awesome day!